It’s your photo shoot and I want to be sure I cover all bases for you.

It’s important that you are happy with your headshots and that they accomplish what you want them to do for you. Following are some things to keep in mind when you’re planning a session, and, on the day of and following the shoot.

Before the session


It’s a good idea to schedule a telephone or face-to-face appointment to discuss your specific needs before the day of the shoot. We’ll cover things like your ideas about your look, brand, your marketability and appearance plus items like makeup, clothes and hair and I’ll share some insight. This exchange of ideas enables us to work as a team.

  • Men: Arrive freshly shaven
  • Women: Arrive without makeup.

Makeup and Hair

Female clients may want to have a makeup artist and hairstylist at the studio the day of the shoot. The artist and stylist will remain at the studio for the duration of the shoot to help you change your hair style, refresh your makeup, slip in and out of outfits—even offer up an opinion or two.

All makeup is provided by the studio unless you have allergies and/or prefer your own. Providing input about your makeup preferences and about the way you wear your hair is important. So is communicating about the looks you are trying to achieve.*

It is also advisable to avoid drastically changing your hairstyle immediately before a session. Also, please give your hair a few days to settle in following a cut.

*There will be an additional charge for each look that goes beyond what’s included in the photo session.


Before the shoot, we’ll review your various looks so you can approve your hair, makeup and clothing. As we preview each look, speak out about anything you don’t like. Honest communication on the front end will head-off problems later.

During Your Session

Be natural and spontaneous. I will do everything possible to help you get into that frame of mind, including allowing sufficient time for each session. Try not to look away when I give you direction or say something funny to you. Achieving a relaxed, comfortable vibe allows us to collaborate and work as partners to get the best shots.

My goal is to provide you with shots that reflect a variety of expressions, angles and styles, so I do not rapid fire shots. I also match background and lighting to the statement you wish to make about yourself.

Smile because you want to, and because it is natural for you to do so—not because you have to mug for the camera.


Because quality is essential, I ask that you continue to trust my judgment through the end of the line—especially in the case of reproduction. When you pick up copies of your photos, I will recommend labs that assure excellent reproduction. Please refer “Resources” in the menu.


All photographs need some retouching, which does not mean changing your facial features but allows me to address blemishes, blood shot eyes, stray hairs and softening of lines. We can also discuss anything else you may want retouched. But remember, you are a real person with your own unique personality and characteristics. Excessive touching is extremely undesirable, especially in today’s market. Agents and Casting Directors want to see exactly what you look like. They spend their time looking at thumbnails on line. The smaller a photo is, with too much retouching, the less natural your shot will look.

Reshoot Policy

Please inquire.

Photo Credit

You can use my photographs for publications such as a poster, flier, album cover, social media, IMDB and this requires a photo credit. Images are kept on file and are the property of Paul Greco Photography.

Hopefully, this covers everything, but please call me if additional questions come to mind.

And, now that you have all the information you need, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your shoot!

Thank you for choosing Paul Greco Photography. I look forward to working with you!